First steps of learning how to kitesurf in Cabo de la Vela

First, we have a very high probability of wind in Cabo de la Vela, 330 days with 25 knots in average - best wind conditions in South America. Your learning curve will be steep and in our kiteschool we have english, spanish and upon availabilty german speaking instructors.

1h to 3h: Kitecontrol

Without control of the kite you will suffer and also it should be fun not scary. So that's why you first learn how to move the kite without even thinking of getting a board. What to learn: How you put the lines and connect the kite? Safety system? wind window? How to launch and land kite? And the most important let go of the bar : )

4h to 5h: Bodydrag without and with the board

Let yourself be pulled through the water and enjoy the feeling. Play with the kite and get an impression of how much power you will need to get on the board. At the end, you will have your first water start attempts.

6h to 10h: Waterstart and riding dowwind

First, way to go! you managed kitecontrol and getting your board back. Now comes the demanding part of getting on to the board. Here, your self-motivation is needed because it takes several attempts. Afterwards, you learn to ride both ways and control speed through edging your board

10h +: ride upwind and get independent

After 10h you practise your upwind skills to be an independent rider and to be able ro rente elsewhere with your IKO certification.

our fresh kitesurf gear is waiting for you...

Check out the wind....october is rainy season, the rest is windy kite session from 11am to 6pm